We focus on being the most effective option for your success.
Our goal is to formulate a plan to free you from the financial bondage that debt collectors and credit bureaus have created.



We implement a proactive, expeditious and exceptional standard of service to provide our customers with the best possible results along their journey to great credit. We are committed to obtaining permanent results as a resolution to their credit struggles, not temporary fixes.

We understand that credit bureaus and collection agencies often operate on the basis of reporting inaccurate information on your credit report, resulting in damage to your credit, reputation and financial advantage.
We are here to fight back on your behalf.


Our multi-phase process focuses on removing all inaccurate and/or unverifiable information as quickly as possible, with effective, favorable and permanent results.

Your personal financial consultant will provide you with an appropriate custom plan of action as well as education and tips on what you can do to improve your personal credit habits.

We will also help assist you along your path to home ownership with our industry leading partners.


It is our goal to bring our customers out of the frustrating debt cycle they may find themselves in. We understand that many factors contribute to poor credit scores and we are here to repair the damage and piece together the broken pieces. Leading you to freedom from financial prison is our mission.

We strive to awaken your dreams of great personal credit and make them a reality. The opportunity for home ownership and financial freedom is here.